Need to Speak Louder?

The VocaLog® Vocal Activity Monitor is currently for Clinical Research Only.

Explore what the VocaLog® can do for you!


When you speak, the VocaLog® Monitor will automatically detect if you are speaking loud enough. If you are speaking too quietly, the small pager-sized monitor will "cue" you to be louder.

The use of Real-Time Feedback will ensure that you always know when you are voicing loud enough.

Discreet Cueing:

Have you ever had someone tell you to speak up?

For many with Parkinson's Disease this is a constant issue. The use of the VocaLog® allows you receive discreet "cues" whenever you need to speak up.

Finally enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are speaking at the right volume.


The VocaLog® has the ability to monitor your vocal activity for up to 3 weeks at a time. This feature will allow your Speech Clinician to see your vocal progress and helps them develop a voice treatment that’s right for you.

This feature is also great for tracking your improvements with popular Parkinson's voice treatments.